About Us

“shefa” means abundance in hebrew, “to heal” in arabic and also translates to divine light and flow. Leah Zaccaria, owner, leads with the belief that there is enough for everyone. We can all be successful emotionally, spiritually and physically. Believing in abundance leads to an attitude of gratitude which leads to overall happiness.

We are a community driven yoga studio located in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood. We offer daily heated yoga classes taught by experienced instructors. Our quiet, insulated studio features an infrared heating system, cushioned hardwood flooring and an abundance of natural light. Our retail boutique is stocked with yoga apparel and accessories.

Our classes are suitable for all levels and open for drop-ins. If you are newer to yoga and need further guidance about where to start, please contact our staff at any time.

Mats are required for practice; towels & water are highly recommended. We rent high quality yoga mats and towels and sell hydration if needed. For more information on the styles and temperatures of our classes, visit the class page and see descriptions under the schedule.