Notes From the Mat

In the yoga world, we talk a lot about breath as the great connector, the practice shared by all, but resonance moves within the breath, through our bodies, and in the spaces in between. Sound is breath made bigger, more tangible, more obvious.

To me, the physical experience of sound is one of the quickest ways to re-connect mind, body, and spirit. That’s why chanting and mantra are integral to Yoga practice (which reminds us, above all, of our innate interconnection).

When I find myself over-analyzing, feeling disconnected, untethered, or numb, resonance practice helps me re-connect to myself (and everything else). This month I will be offering a workshop on Sunday, February 11th at shefayoga Roosevelt with Chelsea Spicer: Collective Resonance. What we are offering is extra special and potent because it’s resonance practice in community- a double dose of tangible connection. I look forward to being in this beautiful community again and reconnecting with students old and new!


-Michelle Chambers